Our Beliefs

God Is Calling Us to New Places

Our Vision Poem

God gathered a community of the faithful
From the neighborhood
And planted a church at the intersection of life and faith.
Inspired by the worship of God,
Rooted in Christian Education,
Shaped by reaching out in ministry and mission,
We followed God’s lead to form a church

− a Sanctuary where we praise God in wonder, awe and love,
− a home where we are nurtured by the word,
− a haven where music lifts our souls and renews our spirits,
− a safe space for all God’s children to learn, to question and to grow
− a place to rest, to be comforted, and to celebrate
− a community striving to discern and respond to God’s call for our lives.

God calls us

− to welcome all who would join our journey of faith and service,
− to keep the promises we make at baptism,
− to share our blessings in joyful communion,
− to reach out to those among us and to those we do not know,
− to be unafraid to go to risky places in love, with hope,
− to witness to the love of Christ by serving our neighbors in need,
− to work for justice and be peacemakers in a chaotic world.

God is calling us to new places in faith and mission,
And to ministries not yet imagined.

We seek to follow Jesus Christ, Empowered by the Holy Spirit,
Emboldened by the love of God.