Our Elders

The Session

Ruling elders are men and women elected by the congregation from among its members. Ruling elders, together with teaching elders, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline. They have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. The ruling elders, pastors or co-pastors, and associate pastors shall serve faithfully as members of the Session. At NDPC, we have remarkable, mature, and faithful servant leaders.

Clerk of Session

Clerk of SessionFran Mohr (2016)The Clerk of Session manages the business of church meetings and keeps official church records.

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

PlanningDavid Markham (2018)Supports the congregation in accomplishing the goals of our Five-Year Plan (2013-17).

Administrative Council

Administration SupportBob Way (2018)Manages space use and policies, handles insurance and legal matters, and provides assistance for the front-line efforts of the staff including office equipment and telecommunications.
PersonnelAnnie Godfrey (2017)Evaluates and supports the paid church staff.
CommunicationsDena Stockton (2018)Oversees internal and external church communications, marketing, and website maintenance.
PropertyJustin Cook (2016)Manages and maintains church property, inside and outside.

Community Life Council

ParishesMary NevilCoordinates the 12 NDPC parishes, communicates and provides guidance for Parish leaders, and resources for parish events.
Community Fellowship and Special EventsPeter Dickson (2016)Facilitates social gatherings, shared meals, and outings.
Congregational CarePam Joyce (2018)Offers special care to our members during life changes and major events.
EvangelismHeidi Gleason (2017)Coordinates the church’s public face, including: marketing, welcoming visitors, and facilitating a new member process.

Education Council

Adult EducationGinny Bowen (2018)Organizes Christian education programs for adults.
Children’s and Youth EducationSherri Godwin (2016)Manages a strong children’s program, which is strengthened through the curriculum used during church school, children’s involvement in worship, youth group opportunities, and family activities and education.

Mission and Social Concern Council

Peace and JusticeAnna Kershaw (2016)Engages in political advocacy in conjunction with NDPC’s mission commitments, facilitates congregational support for peacemaking.
Global MissionGenia Cayce (2017)Oversees NDPC’s support of international mission initiatives.
Community MinistryMartha Osborne (2017)Supports NDPC’s local and national mission initiatives and activities.

Stewardship Council

CommitmentSusan Constantine (2016)Creates opportunities for people to give money, time, and other resources to support the church’s ministry.
FinanceSallie Owens (2018)Provides oversight of the church’s annual budget.

Worship Council

WorshipMartha Shepherd (2017)Oversees programs and activities for the church’s worship of God.