Adult Sunday School, March 2017

March Classes

Spiritual Practice of Dying (Parlor)
Facilitator: Mary Anona Stoops
“In life and death we belong to God.” So opens the Brief Statement of Faith of the PC(USA). We talk a lot about our lives belonging to God but what about our dying and our deaths? Just as our faith equips us to live well might it also equip us to die well? Is there such thing as a good death? Is there another way for us to relate to death other than as an enemy? This series will be co-led by Mary Anona Stoops and NDPC members Jenn Hill, David Markham, and Leslie Brogan. This series will provide an opportunity for those gathered to consider these questions and others, that we may open ourselves to the possibility that even death may deepen our relationship with God.

Welcoming the Stranger: A Faithful Response to Syria and Beyond (Large Classroom)
Facilitator: Deedee Murphy
The devastating effect of Syria’s 6 years of civil war has created the worst refugee crisis since World War II. This class will explore the history of the Syrian civil war, it’s effects on refugees and our response as Christians to this crisis. In addition to short videos and discussions, we will hear from JD McCrary from the International Rescue Committee about the work refugee agencies are doing in Atlanta and around the world. Basing our study of the scriptures on Matthew 25, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me”, we will examine what kind of help and advocacy we can do in our community to welcome immigrants and refugees. Our final Sunday will be an opportunity to meet and get to know our own adopted family, the Kamils, as they tell their story and acclimate to their new home.

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