As we worship virtually…

Communion is this week, prepare!

As you prepare for our virtual worship hour online, remember to prepare for communion as this Sunday is a communion Sunday. We know communion feels different at home, at once more intimate and more isolating. It’s hard to feel Christ’s great banquet open to all in a single serving and yet, it’s helpful to consider how much Christ wanted us and our loved ones to know Christ’s love in the simple act of eating and drinking and remembering. 

Recently, I had the honor of speaking with ten of our members about what it was like to practice Communion in quarantine. I learned so much about how special this sacrament is to everyone and for different reasons. It was cool to hear how people found meaning even in the mishaps – last-minute substitutes for the elements, suddenly pious kids, a messy space over a sanctuary, and hearing the words “body of Christ broken for you” in their own mouths.

You can hear what some NDPC members said about Communion in my podcast that you can access below:

We invite you to consider AHEAD of time, what will set this Sunday’s communion apart. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make yourself a sacred space. 
  • Bring relics that help you remember the saints of your lifetime. 
  • If you can, and time permits, involve kids in making the bread. It doesn’t have to be challah; French toast is just as yummy and made with the same ingredients. 
  • Or decide to intentionally fast from communion like mystics of the past have done. 
  • And if you don’t partake, consider writing yourself a mantra to meditate on during the part of the service where others partake. 

Whatever you do, wherever we are, Christ is with us all.

~ Pastor Beth Waltemath

May 3, 2020

A video to watch when you prepare to have communion by yourself.


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