DEAM – Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry

November 20, 2018

Opportunity to serve your community:

Anne Hendry is the DEAM (Decatur Area Emergency Ministry – our local food bank) Liaison for NDPC and will be stepping down in June. Would you (or you and a friend) like to shadow her starting in January, and take over this role starting next summer? It’s mostly organizational and email, with 6, 1-hour DEAM board meetings per year, and quarterly NDPC Community Ministry meetings to share what is going on with DEAM. You will organize an existing team via e mail to deliver food from our church to DEAM. The time commitment is about two hours per month and will be even less if you are part of a two-person team. It is a great way to help those in our community who are in need, and to meet other Decatur area volunteers from the 23 participating DEAM churches. Contact Anne at [email protected] 

DEAM volunteer opportunities: 

  1. Volunteers are needed to help the DEAM food bank clients shop at our food bank for groceries. You can volunteer for as little as one three hour shift per month. This is an excellent way to help your community members in need. Volunteer on the DEAM website, or contact Becky Vinson at [email protected]
  2. DEAM also needs a volunteer to coordinate its growing program of hosting community volunteer groups at DEAM. If you have great organizational skills, this volunteer opportunity is for you! Contact Frances Moriarity at [email protected]
  3. The Threshold Program, located at Decatur Presbyterian, has had an increase in the number of clients in need, especially in need of emergency hotel stay housing. NDPC supports threshold through our DEAM initiatives, and DEAM has been able to share a generous grant recently with Threshold to provide more of this funding. But, more volunteers are needed to handle the increased volume of client need. You can volunteer on the interactive calendar on Decatur Presbyterian’s website – look for the link to Threshold.
  4. If you are volunteering in our church office and encounter a community member in need, please know that we have a resource booklet available in the church office – the Community Resource Reference Guide. 

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