What if I have kids?

We love you, but we love your kids more! Every Sunday, we welcome newborns to teenagers. During the school year (Sept. – May), Children’s and Youth Sunday School is from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m., so come at 9:15 a.m. to get oriented to the building and meet your child’s teachers. Greeters can take you to the right classroom. Most of our teachers are parents themselves. Our nursery care for babies is excellent. You are welcome to stay in your child’s room as long as you like, or you may leave to attend your own class. Plan to return to their classroom at 10:30 a.m. to go to the fellowship time as a family. Most kids like to go there to get a snack before worship. So do most adults.

Children are always welcome in worship. In Early Worship (8:30 a.m.), there is no separate time for children. All children sit with their parents for the entire service (50 minutes). Don’t worry if they fidget or need to get up and move around. Our members understand–they’ve been there. During 11am worship, children in 2nd grade and older attend the entire worship. For both services, there are crayons and pencils and activities for young children to take with them as you enter the sanctuary if you think they will get bored (or if you think you will get bored).

Children that are 1st grade and under attend the first part of the 11am worship with their families and then, after the children’s message (about 15 minutes into the service), they go to a classroom for “extended session” under the supervision of church members. A parent of a child who is visiting 11am worship for the first time should leave worship with their child, walk with their child to the extended session classroom, meet the leaders, and leave your cell phone number should we need to reach you during the service. You can then return to the Sanctuary for the rest of worship. Parents pick up their children from the extended session classroom as soon as 11am worship ends.

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