What is worship like?

You’ve seen the worship services with the rock bands and the big screens? OK. That’s not us. Our worship service is traditional, but also warm and personable. The music is a mix of traditional hymns, contemporary songs, classical works, and African-American spirituals. It’s eclectic–so are we.

When you arrive at the sanctuary for worship, you will receive a printed bulletin, which shows everything that happens in the service. You can sit anywhere you like. If you are in need of prayer, there are cards on which you can write a prayer request and if you place it in the offering plate, it will be added to our church’s weekly prayer list. As the service begins, follow along and roll with it. Feel whatever you’re feeling. You will experience an interweaving of prayer, song, and speech.

Each week, we hear a passage from the Bible read aloud. The preacher will speak for 20 minutes (the “sermon“) about what the passage might reveal about God and about ourselves. People say that the sermons at NDPC are “smart,” “funny,” “comforting,” and “challenging.” You can check out our Sermon Series and listen to a sermon to see for yourself.

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