God’s Creative Story

Biblically, Liturgically, Creatively

God’s story and our story are deeply intertwined. We invite you to explore the ways God’s creative energy moves in our lives by engaging with Biblical artistry, investigating our sense of ourselves as creative beings, experiencing liturgy in artful ways, and reflecting on our living within and beyond our church community.

We have exciting plans for the coming year thanks to the generous support of a grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, and we invite you to play a part in it. [Description of Grant …]

Art of the Bible: Engaging God’s Story

An integral component of this project will be an exploration of the artistry of the Bible. We will engage creatively with this inspiring, sometimes baffling, and often controversial book, using a variety of media and approaches. In our time together we will learn more about what’s in the Bible, where it comes from, and the ways it influences our culture and our personal lives.

We will meet Sunday mornings 9:30-10:30 am in the Studio Classroom (large classroom next to the Library).

[Link to Art of the Bible page]

Liturgical Arts Group: Engaging Our Senses

ALL ARE WELCOME to join this adult conversation and hands-on expression of our faith. We will meet [ frequency ] beginning Thursday, August 15, at 7pm in the Studio Classroom (the large classroom next to the Library). The group gathers to create, enhance, and extend visual arts elements for worship in our church and in our community. Contact Ellen Gadberry, LAG leader and Grant Project Director, at [email protected], with your creative questions, ideas, and RSVPs!

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Special Events: Engaging our Imagination

[Lunch & Learn w Victorian Emily Jones]

[Gazing as a Spiritual Practice]


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