Help NDPC plan for the future

The Future Depends on You!

NDPC is entering a new phase of planning for the future. Congregational input is essential to this plan. We need you to fill out the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT) here. It evaluates key indicators of our congregational health, church challenges, and areas of potential growth for us spiritually as individuals and collectively as a beloved community. It will help us to collect and understand the range of views at NDPC. Please have each church member in your household complete the survey by April 12.

The survey will likely take about 30 uninterrupted minutes, and our goal is to have greater than 90% participation. Please plan enough time to complete the survey in one sitting. If you would prefer to take the assessment using a paper copy, please pick this up at the church office.

Our hope is that our collective wisdom and resources as a church can help us discern how we can fulfill God’s purpose for our lives and God’s mission in this world.

Contact [email protected] with questions or concerns, or speak to a member of the planning committee: David Markham (chair), Penny Cannon, Clarke Hair, Chet McQuaide, Carol Morgan.

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