Every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30am, adults have an opportunity to grow in faith by learning about God’s love and grace. We ascribe to the communal aspect of learning and transformation through meaningful relationships.

2018-2019 Faith for a Lifetime

Our 2018-2019 theme for spiritual formation is the evolution of our faith throughout our lives. Throughout life we grow.  Our bodies grow and change.  Our minds change — we know more and more (and forget more and more), and we think differently as we appreciate complexity and nuance.  

This year at NDPC, our theme is “Faith for a Lifetime.” Throughout this year in worship and education, we will explore the blessings and challenges of faith at every age and stage of life.  Together we are learning and living a faith that sustains us for a lifetime…and beyond. 

Our Current Offerings

Gratitude: A Way Of Being 
Day to day, are we grateful? How does a grateful mindset benefit both our community and ourselves? How are our daily lives, relationships, and parenting approaches impacted by our gratitude and values? What do we see in Jesus’ life that can inspire us to practice a more life-giving way of gratitude and generosity? How do we as a family, a church and a society leave a legacy for those to come? With humor, history and helpful exercises and professional secrets, we’ll share the love of “joyful giving” in the midst of a demanding holiday season. 
Gratitude is the wine of the soul.–Rumi 
Dates: December  16
Facilitators: Roberta Goldbaugh, Genia Cayce, Beth Waltemath, Jill Jacques, Rick Neale
Location: Parlor

The Theologies We Sing  
How does our hymnody shape our theology, and how is our theology represented in the songs we sing? Does our hymnody represent the theological breadth and depth of our broader tradition? What history does it tell and who is left out? Each class will explore an element of the hymnody represented in Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal. Learners will identify the theological, historical, and sociocultural elements present within the Church’s song and connect to God through song. 
Dates: December 16 
Facilitators: Alexandra Mauney
Location: Large Classroom 

Weekly Offerings


You’ve seen God work through the hands of others to serve food or fold laundry for our neighbors, but did you know God can work through our hands to do good in this world while we craft? Join us for two distinct flavors of crafting— ‘Craftivism’ and Liturgical Arts—on Tuesday evenings. Activism has never looked so beautiful.

The purpose of the Liturgical Arts Group is to support, enhance, and extend elements of worship in our community through the visual arts at North Decatur Presbyterian Church. We are working on installations for Advent and Christmas. Contact is Ellen Gadberry: [email protected] 

Remaining 2018 LA meetings are 12/4, 12/11, 12/17.

In Jan 2019: LA Group meets 1/8 and 1/22

Craftivists resumes 1/15

Dates and Times: 1st & 3rd Tues, 7 pm (Craftivism); 2nd & 4th Tues, 7 pm (Lit. Arts)

Facilitators: Ellen Gadberry

Location: Large Classroom


In this year-long class, we digest breaking news with scripture and hope through the national curriculum, “The Wired Word.” Each week, we will explore a current news story through the lens of a relevant scripture text and the insights of the group. No advanced reading is required. Join us to become a community of regulars — or drop in whenever you can!

Dates: Dec 16

Facilitators: April Biagioni, Jesse Bowen, Claudia Brogan, Bob Goggins, Shelly Roberts, Bob Way

Location: Library

Wired Word - Breaking News And The Good News

Wired Word - Breaking News And The Good News

Breaking News and the Good News:

Join us as we engage breaking news with scripture and hope through the national curriculum “The Wired Word.” This ongoing discussion class will explore a current news story each week through the lens of a relevant scripture text and the insights of the group. Join us to become a community of regulars — or drop in whenever you can!

Every Sunday in January, February and March.
Large Classroom
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Inquirer's Class

Inquirer's Class

Are you visiting NDPC? Would you like to learn more about this church, who we are as Presbyterians (PCUSA) and what we we are doing?  We try to follow Jesus by doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.  Let’s get to know one another and talk about how we at NDPC approach this ancient call and how you can be part of our journey. 

Dates: November 4,11 and 18, 2018.

Facilitators: Pastoral Staff and Engagement Team 

Location: Pastors’ Study




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