Forms and Reports

Welcome to the ‘virtual library’ for NDPC, offering quick access to important documents and various forms for church activities. This resources section should put what you need at your fingertips!


Thanks for your involvement! Download forms here.

Document Description
Elder Nomination Form 2018

Here is the Elder Nomination Form for 2018.

Youth Auction Donation Form

This is the youth auction donation form – 2018. 

Poinsettias 2017

This is the flier for poinsettias and greenery for the sanctuary 2017.

Salt Shakers 2018

This is the flier for Salt Shakers 2018.

2017-2018 Sunday School Registration Form
Elder Nominating Form 2017
ACS Church Life APP-detailed instructions
2016 – 2017 Sunday School Registration Form
Presbyterian Heritage Program Brochure

Presbyterian Heritage Program, this Sunday, January 24. (Details in brochure)

Capital Campaign Pledge

Use this card to make a pledge to the campaign to keep NDPC “green and growing.” You can print out the card and put it in the offering plate or email your pledge to [email protected].


Find out more about the NDPC planning initiatives.

Document Description
Opportunities for Presbytery Service 2

The second document for opportunities for presbytery service can be found here. 

Opportunities for Presbytery Service

The 2018 description of opportunities for presbytery service can be found here. 

Statement from PC(USA) Stated Clerk, dated June 16, 2018

Here is the list of helping organizations and the Statement from PC(USA) Stated Clerk, dated June 16, 2018.


Dear Friends,

Peacemakers study, think, pray and act – I hope this info is helpful to you.  

Attached is a file which contains:
1. Text of statement from PC(USA) Stated Clerk, Rev. J. Herbert Nelson
2.  Excerpt from a Commissioners’ Resolution passed this week at General Assembly in St. Louis (thanks to Mardee Rightmyer for her work on this)
3.  A listing of organizations – nationally, in border areas and in Atlanta who are helping immigrants and those seeking asylum.    
4.  A listing of PC(USA) contacts

Please feel free to share with others in your congregations.

Karen Turney,
Chair – Peacemaking Partnership
Justice and Peace Coordinator – Presbyterian Women

May 2018 Session Minutes

Attached are the May 2018 adopted minutes as approved. 

April 2018 Session Minutes

Here are the April 2018 Session minutes approved.

March 2018 Session Minutes

Here are the March 2018 Session Minutes


Download this W-9 form. 

NDPC 2018 Annual Report
Interfaith Community Initiatives

Interfaith Community Initiatives presents World Pilgrimage to Sedona, Canyon de Chelly and Phoenix May 6 -12, 2018. Join us for a week-long interfaith journey to Arizona. 

Peace and Justice Sponsored Training

This is the flier for A World Uprooted: Responding to Migrants, Refugees, and Displaced People, Compassion Peace and Justice Training Day – April 20 and Ecumenical Advocacy Days  – April 20-23, 2018, Washington, DC.


February 2018 Session Minutes

 Here are the February 2018 Session Minutes as adopted. 

The Cross in Contexts: Suffering and Redemption in Palestine

Here is the information for The Cross in Contexts: Suffering and Redemption in Palestine, a lecture at CTS. 

International Solidarity Movement

Here is the information for the International Solidarity Movement at NDPC on March 7, 2018

Life’s 5th Season

This is the Flyer for Life’s 5th Season at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

January 2018 Session Minutes

Here are the January 2018 Session Minutes as adopted. 

February 2018 Quarterly Newsletter

This is the February 2018 Quarterly Newsletter which covers Lent 2018. 



NDPC Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

This is the NDPC Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021. 

December 2017 Session Minutes

Here are the December 2017 Session Minutes as adopted. 

Signup for Congregational Potluck

This is the signup link for the congregational Potluck on January 28. 

Milwaukee 53206

Flyer for the Screening of Milwaukee 53206.

Quarterly Newsletter #5

This is the quarterly newsletter for November 2017 to January 2018.

Women’s Retreat

Here is a list of items to bring with you for the women’s retreat. 

2018 Spring Adult Education Brochure

This is the 2018 Spring Adult Education Brochure. 

Webwalk for ACS Church Life App

This is the webwalkfor the ACS Church Life app that can be downloaded on your phone. For members only. You have to create a logon first on the website.


The instructions to create an account on the website are here. 

Session Minutes November 2017

NDPC Session Minutes, November 2017. 

2018 Joyful Generosity Information

Giving Guide 2018 – Giving Guide for the 2018 Joyful Generosity Campaign. 

Giving Letter – 2018 Giving Letter

NDPC Budget 2018 – The church’s annual budget for 2018.

Peace and Justice Committee Announcement

This is the flyer for New Thoughts on Newtown: In Remembrance of The Sandy Hook Shooting.

October 2017 Session Minutes

Here are the October 2017 Session minutes. 

Alternative Gift Market

Alternative Gift Market 2017

Presbyterians For A Better Georgia

Flier for Georgia Legislative Event


This is the Flier for the sages meeting. 

Coffee Club

Flier for coffee club

Book Club

Flier for Book Club

Sanctuary Movement

Sanctuary Movement November 5th Information. 

September 2017 Session Minutes

Here are the September 2017 Session minutes. 

Alternative Gift Market 2017

Please join us for the Alternative Gift Market for 2017. 

Giving Guide 2018

This is the Giving Guide for the 2018 Joyful Generosity Campaign. 

Giving Letter

This is the 2018 Giving Letter. 

NDPC Budget 2018

This is the church’s annual budget for 2018. 

Webwalk To Create Membership Account on Website

This is the web walk to create a membership account on the NDPC website so members can create a financial pledge. 

August 2017 Session Minutes

Click here to review the August 2017 Session minutes.

Phase II Pledge card

Click here to review the Phase II pledge card issued Fall, 2017.

DACA Resource
Quarterly Newsletter – Fall 2017
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
ABLE Event Flyer
April 2017 Session Minutes
Executive Summary-North Decatur Presbyterian Church
March 2017 Session Minutes
January 2017 Session Minutes
Inclusive Language Policy
Presbytery Opportunities for Involvement
2016-Affordable Housing Support Letter
Creating Positive Crosscultural Interactions
Diversity Task Force Report
Capital Campaign Benevolence Proposals

NDPC has a strong tradition of sharing our resources. From our building, to our annual budget, we strive to make sure our resources are used to help our community. Our Capital Campaign also includes a provision for part of the funds raised to be used for benevolence projects, so that we are also helping our partners in ministry make some long-term investments in making their ministry one that is “Green and Growing.” You can read about the proposals for benevolence funding that our NDPC committees have identified here.