Neighborhood Development Update

Isn’t it amazing watching all the construction going on across the street from NDPC? Walmart and the Suburban Plaza renovation was first, now a Sprouts grocery store is open with many apartments soon to follow on the site of the former Scott Boulevard Baptist Church.

Would you like to help connect with our new neighbors? Do you have an idea and/or energy around reaching out to them? How do we make sure they know who we are at NDPC and that they are invited to “come and see” and be a part of our church? Connect with Elder Heidi Gleason ([email protected]) if you’d like to help our evangelism efforts.

Please know that one of the major street changes related to the new development is about to take place at the intersection of Blackmon Drive and Scott Boulevard. Cars will no longer be able to make a LEFT TURN from Blackmon onto Scott Boulevard. You will still be able to turn right from Scott to Blackmon and right from Blackmon onto Scott. A traffic light will also be installed at that intersection to slow traffic and move people safely in and out of the new development.

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