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If you identify as LGBTQ, you are welcome here as a child of God without question or reservation.

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All are welcome.

Rev. Beth Waltemath preaches during Sunday worship at NDPC.

October 22, 2017


“Wherever two or three are gathered in my name” has become a euphemism for very small worship services. But look again at the passage. It is about much more than that. It is about what we owe to one another in mutual accountability. It is about how we treat each other not in the good times, but when one of us has hurt the other. Within the church, we cannot just walk away. We cannot shut each other down or out. We must face each other, with Christ holding us together as family. (Matthew 18:15-22)

October Sermon Series: Distinctively Christian

One biting criticism of the church in our time is that Christians look and act just like everyone else. American Christianity focuses on “middle class values.” What might a church of practicing Christians look, sound, and act like? What practices are distinctively Christian? In this 3-part sermon series, we explore the “ekklesia” in the Gospel of Matthew as a community that forms disciples of Jesus.

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