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Breakfast with CEDEPCA

The Global Mission Committee of NDPC welcomed CEDEPCA’s Nancy Carrera and Susana Noriega to Decatur on February 20 with a breakfast and heard about the wonderful work of our partners in Guatemala. It was especially heartwarming because NDPC’s Anne Sayre, our ambassador to Guatemala for decades, was part of the group. Nancy and Susana were delighted to see Anne.

Nancy and Susana were hosted by Global Missions member Judy Moore and her husband, Bob, who shepherded them around Atlanta. They were in town as part of a broader mission to the U.S. If you missed the video of their work, here is a link.

NDPC should be proud of its involvement with CEDEPCA because the group has had lasting impact on the community in Guatemala. Nancy and Susana have a combined 20 years of experience with CEDEPCA, and that longevity shows a resilience against ongoing challenges. 

We heard about the organization’s terrific work helping hold things together in communities during the pandemic. It was striking that communities organized themselves against COVID and did not treat it as a political weapon to be wielded. Masks are highly-valued, and even children understand to stay away from an unmasked person. Communities have security safeguarding public stores and places demanding people wear a mask.

Nancy and Susana said the message with COVID was simple: Care for your neighbors.

One of the big takeaways from our discussion was CEDEPCA has continued offering programs empowering women by teaching both men and women (boys and girls) about respect and trying to stop violence against women. CEDEPCA continues to go to the police on behalf of women who want to charge their partners with domestic abuse.  

The Disaster Ministry offers ongoing psychological help. CEDEPCA is still active when many others (medical people, temporary housing and food) have left the country.

Please consider supporting CEDEPCA through a gift to NDPC February Change for Change offering.

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