Appreciation For CYF Volunteers and Graduates


Friday, May 21, 2020

Invitation to Thank CYF Volunteers!

NDPC has an amazing group of volunteers who commit to keep our children safe, build lasting relationships, and share God’s love. This list below represents hundreds of volunteer hours for the children and youth of our congregation. Please join us in telling them how much they mean to us and our children.
You are invited to record a quick video saying “thank you” for their time, patience, devotion to our children. Just click on the VidHug link. It will walk you through how to use your computer or phone camera to record a clip. VidHugwill compile the messages. Scroll past all the names of the volunteers below to get to the links for the graduates. 
You don’t have to be a child, youth, or parent to say thanks! You might even say thanks if you’re on this list! It takes all of us working together to make Sunday school, youth group, Children’s Choir, Extended Session, acolytes, CYF committee and more, be a meaningful part of our children’s faith development.
Disclaimer: Those listed are the people we have on record who consistently provide care for our children. There are just as many who jump in at the last minute to help out, or who operate behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. Feel free to give a “shout-out” to someone who may not be on this list! And, we appreciate all of you “invisible” volunteers.

VidHug Link for Volunteers 


Classroom Teachers

David Root

Sarah Zimbardi

Marion Reeves

Kent Leslie

Jack Kittle

Haywood Curry 

Anne Topple

Annie Godfrey

Carol Morgan

Nancy Gathney

Janelle Moore

Andrea Morgan

Katie Hahn

Susan Fraysee

Genia Duchon

Roberta Goldbaugh

Linda Curry

Fran Mohr

Pat Murphy


Erika Meyer

Mark Biagioni

Anna Kershaw

Ellyn Cochran

Jessie Bond

Carl Parlato

Dee Raeside

Cile Vardeman

Heidi Gleason

Ginny Bowen

Rotation Teachers

Pam Joyce

Mary Nevil

Shannon Ball

Jill Jacques

Jonathan Ball

Virginia Pribbenow

Karen Fletcher

Larry Mosley

Kate Mosley

Z Fletcher

Emily Bagwell

Jesse Bowen

Susan White

Brianna Patterson

Deedee Murphy

Carol Tveit

Extended Session

Corey Dunn

Andrew Hill 

Jenn Hill

Other volunteers:

Marie Schoenberg

Angela Cass

Shelly Roberts

Jason Schoenberg

Youth Sponsors

Justin Cook

Sallie Owens

Jen Ayers

Congrats, Graduates!

What a strange spring these students have had to the end of their academic year! We surround them with our love and admiration for their hard work and accomplishments. We also offer our compassion and support for the tinge of grief this end may have brought. We are proud of them for the challenge they have accepted to learn and grow- stretching their minds and imaginations, and our prayers and love will follow them wherever life leads them.
We’d like to offer a special “hooray” for our graduates who have been leaders in our congregation. Please click on the VidHug links below to give a video greeting to Macon, Ike and Sam who have completed their high school careers. We also delight in Zaria, who finished her work at Agnes Scott this year. We hope they will stay involved in the life of our congregation, but we take this opportunity to recognize all that has come before!

Click here to record a message to other graduating Seniors, including Cameron Snyder, Eric Shavkin, Zach Monyelle, Courtney Godwin, Ella Carter, Annabelle Stockton, Emma Sandifer, Noah Hull and others.


Macon with his sister Anna and cousin Caroline

Macon Sandifer graduated from the Paideia School. He has served as a Youth Elder at NDPC, and been a leader in Youth Group, Montreat, not to mention his favorite role of “Sheep” in Christmas pageants. God willing, in the fall, he will attend Wake Forest.



Ike on a mission trip with NDPC

Ike Veal graduated from Paideia School. He has served as a Youth Elder at NDPC, been a leader in Youth Group, enjoyed trips to Montreat, and has rivaled Macon for his role as “sheep” in the Christmas pageants. He has been accepted at Loyola in New Orleans and will attend there this fall.

Sam celebrates his graduation with appropriate PPE

Sam Ellis graduated from Decatur High School. He has been a part of our youth group and both our children’s choir and our Chancel choir at NDPC and is now singing for the All Saint’s Episcopal Church Choir. We are excited about his academic journey ahead of him at Emory.


Zaria with her cap from Agnes Scott

Zaria Dyer has been the Lead Nursery Attendant at NDPC throughout her academic career at Agnes Scott. She graduated from ASC this spring. She has been a leader both on and off of campus. Send her a message of love here.



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  1. Congratulations 2020 graduates and best wishes for a bright future.
    Thanks to all those who helped you reach this point in your life. Many thank you all NDPC volunteers and teachers. You are the best!

  2. This is wonderful! Thanks for posting. I will give it a shot, in taping a few of the videos. How darn creative you-all are! :o)

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