In a Presbyterian congregation, the members run the church. Every year, our congregation nominates, elects, and ordains women and men to serve the church as “ruling elders” to lead our congregation’s life and ministry. They have responsibilities for the life of the congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. This group of elders is called the “Session.”


Susan Rebecca White, Communications Committee
Wendy Cromwell, Personnel Committee
Jarvis Ellis, Property Committee
Nancy Gathany, Community Ministry
Mark Cochran, Congregational Care
Ellen Herbert, Engagement Committee
Jill Jacques, Stewardship Committee
Janet Jasper, Worship Committee
David Roberts, Clerk of Session
Carol Morgan, Planning Committee
Dee Dee Murphy, Global Mission
Gabriel Ramirez, Finance and Commitment
Virginia Pribbenow, Children Youth and Families
David Root, Administrative Council
Thom Schreck and Claudia Brogan, Community Fellowship and Special Events
Audra Grace, Peace and Justice
David Wilkes, Adult Education