Summer Worship (Memorial Day – Labor Day) is at 10AM. Childcare provided for kids age 0-6.  Masks required indoors.

Advent 2: Stillness

Our theme for Advent 2021 at NDPC is “Silent Nights.” Each of the four weeks invites you into the different rhythm of this season. Week 1 focused on slowness–slowing down and perceiving time in a new way. Week 2 focuses on stillness–on “not doing,” on letting God do for us. Week 3 focuses on silence–on the beauty and depth of quiet. Week 4 focuses on the many gifts of darkness.

Rev. David Lewicki explores stillness. What does it mean to be still? Won’t we get left behind in a world always in motion? Why do we privilege “stillness” as a way to experience God’s presence? We light the 2nd candle together.

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