Worship this Sunday is at 8:45 and  11AM with Church School for All Ages at 9:45AM.

Re-boot: Ritual

Throughout June and July, as we return to in-person worship and begin new rhythms for life after quarantine, the NDPC community will focus on “re-booting” our basic operating system for the Christian life: worship and prayer and storytelling and hospitality and justice and wonder and forgiveness.

This Sunday, we talk about the importance of ritual, specifically, the ritual of worship. The ritual of worship is one of the most uniquely human, most impactful practices that we share. But what is ritual? What does it do for our bodies and spirits? Is it mindless groupthink? Why is the ritual of worship important for our awareness of God?


Due to technical problems, only a wide-view camera angle was available for today’s worship service.

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