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NDPC Office hours are 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and upon request by members. However, during COVID-19, the office is closed. Kindly email our staff to schedule a time for a phone call. 

Please take the time to like our posts on Facebook and share them on your timelines. We are trying to expand our reach through that media organically. Thank you. 
NDPC Three Year Strategic Plan: You may access the NDPC strategic plan 2018-2021 presentation by clicking here.

Publications Deadlines

Please send all information for publication to [email protected]. Do not hesitate to ask for additional guidance and support from the communication coordinator. 

  • Monday, January 18th, 2021, at 9:00 am.  Seasons – our quarterly newsletter, published in hard print. This publication focuses on the seasons of our faith and ties the themes of our worship intentions and events to the cycles of the liturgical calendar. This is where we tell the story of various ministries and their purpose in the life of our church. When submissions are invited, please write a reflective piece that is either 100 words or 300 words (based on instructions) and write from a perspective that gives the theological grounding for your project/ministry/committee. For instance, Creation care may write about why taking care of our property grounds is part of our commitment to being good stewards over the responsibility we have towards ecological sustainability. Community Ministries might write about the fellowship of being good neighbors. etc.
  • Monday weekly at 9:00 am. In Touch – the weekly celebration of our community life where we share pictures of our celebrations, milestones, and prayers. This is published on Tuesdays each week. Submit your photos in .png or .jpg along with attribution, explanation and short stories/descriptions of less than 200 words via email only. 
  • Tuesday weekly at noon. The Communicator – our weekly news and events email newsletter focusing on events coming up in the future. This is published on Thursdays each week. Please follow format below.

Format for Communicator

All events should be sent to [email protected] in the following format in a Word document:

  • Name of contact at NDPC and email (must be a member or committed friend of the church),
  • Name of event, location (including address),
  • Date,
  • Time,
  • A brief description, and
  • Narrative text of information you want to be disseminated. This should be no more than 120 words. It should be inviting and have details that will tell what the event is about.
  • Event or organizational logo in .jpg or .png format only.

If you do not submit information in this format, it will be returned to you. Thank you. 

Social Media

We have a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account. If you would like something featured on either of these two outets, send a brief 200 word description and an image to [email protected] These stories highlight the work of volunteers and events coming up. They should be upbeat and positive. They need to be the kind of items that other people want to share about NDPC and our members or that are heartwarming that you would like on any social media outlet. 

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