Summer Worship (Memorial Day – Labor Day) is at 10AM. Childcare provided for kids age 0-6.  Masks required indoors.

Adult Learning

Learning is essential to faith. NDPC’s education program for adults offers a range of classes, including Bible study, spiritual practices, and creativity and the arts. Unlike some churches, where being part of a Bible study class is lifetime commitment, NDPC’s adult classes run for a few weeks at a time. Because we are always changing classes and following our own spiritual curiosity, adult Sunday education is a great place to meet other church members.

We are an open-minded congregation that is unafraid of critiquing the Christian tradition even as we teach it and participate in it. The focus of every class is on mutual teaching and learning through conversation and relationships. 

People from all spiritual backgrounds are welcome . 

  • Classes are currently on summer break. Classes will resume in September.
  • Adult Education is in our planning season for the 2022-2023 school year.  As always, you can share your suggestions by contacting Adult Ed.

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