Worship this Sunday is at 8:45 and  11AM with Church School for All Ages at 9:45AM.


If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, or on the rest of the website, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Yes, and you do not need to be a member of the church to celebrate your wedding at NDPC. We welcome any members of our community, including same-sex couples and interfaith couples, to request use of the sanctuary for a wedding. The co-pastors would love to help you plan your wedding and can offer helpful pre-marital counseling, with the hope that you will start your married life with a spiritual foundation.

Communion – sharing the traditional Christian “meal” of bread and cup – is offered through Intinction*, and happens the first Sunday of every month, or weekly at the early worship service. Everyone who comes to NDPC for worship is invited to receive communion, but you do not have to if you do not wish to. We serve grape juice so it is accessible for our members and friends in recovery programs; we also offer gluten-free bread.

* – Intinction is the practice of partly dipping a piece of bread into the juice before eating.

We are located on Medlock Road, just north of the intersection of Scott Boulevard and North Decatur Road. Dedicated visitor parking is located right in front of the church on Medlock Road. Our main parking lot is off Medlock, next to the church. If both locations are full, you are welcome to park in the lot for the shopping plaza across Medlock Road. Please don’t park in front of the nail salon–they’re open on Sundays, too! If your vehicle is the two-wheeled kind, we have a bike rack and/or moped parking right in front of the church building.

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