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Free99Fridge @ NDPC


Free99Fridge founder Latisha Springer in front of one of 5 free community fridges.

Q: What’s that “thing” going up near the 6-way intersection?
A: That “thing” is a fridge. It’s also the in-breaking of the Realm of God.

NDPC has a history and track record of fighting hunger and food insecurity in our community, working alongside trusted community partners. Recently, the NDPC Session was honored to enter into a partnership with Free99Fridge to put a free, open-air, community food pantry on church property. The fridge will be installed the weekend of November 13-14, 2021.

A Free99 Fridge is a working refrigerator and dry goods food pantry, located under a brightly-colored shelter in a location where it can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anyone and everyone who needs food can access the pantry, no questions asked. The food in the pantry is supplied by volunteers like you–by anyone who feels called to address hunger and food insecurity among your neighbors. The pantry is maintained every day by a network of volunteers so that it stays clean and attractive and the food is always fresh.

Each pantry is named after a victim of state violence. The fridge at NDPC is known as “Korryn,” in memory of Korryn Shandawn Gaines.

NDPC is delighted to be partners with Free99Fridge in this innovative way of meeting basic human needs. If you would like to learn more or participate as a volunteer, go to https://free99fridge.com.

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