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NDPC is creating a Soul Box origami box memorial for each individual lost to gun violence in 2020. We hope every one of our members is able to participate.

These boxes are easy to make from two pieces of paper, and can be personalized with photos and data from gunmemorial.org and other media/obituary sources. We are creating boxes with general messages of compassion, protest, and calls for justice, as well as “unmarked” boxes to represent those who have experienced and witnessed shootings, and those whose names we will never know.

Video and print directions for folding boxes are available online at the project website.

Health and safety conditions permitting, we plan to display these memorials in a public art exhibit in Atlanta during the 2021 session of the Georgia Legislature. Dates and locations will be posted here soon. In Spring 2021, we will contribute our boxes to a national display of over 200,000 Soul Boxes on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

All are welcome to contribute to this Georgia project. Video and print directions for folding boxes are available online at the project website. To make arrangements for dropping off boxes, or for more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Co-Pastor David Lewicki wrote a statement about NDPC’s theological, pastoral, and prophetic stance on gun violence. Click here to read the statement.

In addition, NDPC continues to read aloud the names of Georgia victims of death by gunfire during our worship services on the third Sunday of every month. We have recently begun including photographs when available; our primary source is gunmemorial.org

Update: January 27, 2021:

Our display date at the Gold Dome was postponed due to health and safety conditions, as is the eventual display date for the national Soul Box exhibit, to which we will contribute our Georgia panels. Please share your contact information so we can keep you posted on updates.

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