January 19, 2020

Wonder - 2

Throughout January, we explore the 5th of the Bible’s “9 Big Ideas”: Wonder. God, by definition, is wonder-ful and fills us human beings with wonder. Wonder is awe and amazement at some aspect of our human experience that we can’t easily understand nor easily ignore. Wonder moves us to inquire into the nature of this experience and animates a life-long search for wisdom. We begin the month with a service of poetry and music and reflection to mark the wondrous Epiphany (“revelation”) of Jesus to the magi. On January 12th, we explored the quirky, surprising wonders of the Holy Spirit as she moves our lives and the life of the world. On January 19th, we listen to the disturbing story of Job, whose anger and grief about his own unjust suffering is met by God with a revelation about wondrous height, depth, and breadth of God’s love for the whole creation–including Job. 

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