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28 Nov 2014

Welcome to Advent at NDPC

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Welcome to Advent and Christmas at NDPC. We hope you will join us to nourish your faith and your spirit. In Advent, we wait, watch, and walk together through God’s starry night and into the dawn.

Ours is a welcoming congregation, open to people of all ages and races, all sexual orientations and gender identities, those with too much money and those with too little, lifelong followers of Jesus and open-minded seekers of love and truth.

All are welcome. Come and be our guest.

Schedule for the season:
  • Sunday, Dec. 21 – 4th Advent, Worship at 8:30 & 11am
  • Sunday, Dec. 21 – Druid Hills Dinner, 4pm (all ages welcome to volunteer)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve: Children’s Worship, 5pm; Worship w/Communion, 11pm
  • Sunday, Dec. 28 – Worship at 11am only; community brunch at 10am
  • Sunday, January 4 – Epiphany worship, 8:30 & 11am

16 Dec 2014

Advent Devotional

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Isaiah 6:1-13

King Uzziah had been a good king. But in his latter years he became proud and usurped the role of priest, and God struck him down. Uzziah’s death dashed the hopes of many people, and his wicked son would now become king! But on that very day, God broke through and revealed himself to Isaiah. The king was dead, but Isaiah saw the King!

Jan Heckler recently spoke to the congregation about her work in Madagascar and God’s call to mission for her. She said that, at first, she didn’t hear God’s call but that God worked through a counselor to get her attention and to hear God’s call to her.

What happens next in Isaiah 6 is that Isaiah receives God’s call to mission for him.

First comes God’s revelation to Isaiah. He was allowed to see into the heavenly sanctuary.

Next comes Isaiah’s confession of his sins and God’s forgiveness and sanctification of Isaiah. He only realized his sinful condition when he saw the King. And one of the seraphim intervened directly to take away his guilt and to remove his sin.

Finally comes Isaiah’s dedication: when Isaiah heard the call of the LORD to go, he immediately obeyed and was commissioned to deliver a message of judgment.

Is God calling you? Listen carefully.

Prayer: Oh God, we hear so many people talking to us and making demands on us that we often miss Your call. You speak to us in a “still small voice”, just as you spoke to Elijah. But nothing could be more important to us and to the world than Your Call to us. Help us to withdraw from the world for a time, that we may hear Your Call; and, like Isaiah, go.  Amen.

George Reeves

15 Dec 2014

Advent Devotional

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Exodus 3:1-10

Go Barefooted this Christmas !

That’s what God told Moses. I like that. I love to take off my shoes. I love to go barefooted. Don’t you? You know:

barefooted on the lush, green grass in the springtime;

barefooted on the smooth sand at the beach;

barefooted in a cold stream in the mountains;

even barefooted on the floor at home.

It sort of allows you to get in touch with your senses… your feelings… yourself. Just the feel of your bare feet touching something wonderful… that’s special. We miss so much when we are not barefooted.

Moses was missing the whole show until God told him to take off his shoes. He was on ‘holy ground.’ And when the shoes came off… Moses saw things and understood things and felt things that he had missed before. Moses was, indeed, standing on ‘holy ground.’

Maybe there is more ‘holy ground’ than we imagine. Maybe everywhere we stand is ‘holy ground.’ Maybe God is present everywhere and we don’t even know it… and until we take off our sandals we, too, will miss the whole show.

Or maybe, all this is just the reflections of an ol’ Tar Heel who loves to go barefooted. But I remember that Jesus washed the bare feet of his disciples. And I remember my bare feet being washed at North Decatur at a Maundy Thursday service. Those were special times.

So maybe, just maybe, God come to us easiest when we have removed the outer layer of stuff that keeps us from the real thing… the protective coating that keeps us from knowing that God is burning up to talk to us and to tell us about a divine plan for us and for all God’s children.

So let’s go barefooted this Christmas!! We are on ‘holy ground’ (always) and God is with us and God is coming again. Thanks be to God.

Prayer: Gracious God, you are not hidden from me. I hide myself from you. Take away all that I put between us. Let us be one together… and let me, too, like Moses, finally hear and respond to the cry of suffering and misery of your children. Amen.

Joe Sandifer

14 Dec 2014

Advent Devotional

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The Third Week of Advent
Coming: God comes among us

John 1:1-18

“No one has ever seen God.” John the Evangelist tells us but “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” What does that mean? Christ makes God known. Then and now. What are some ways we can learn from Jesus Christ in our search to make God known?

God is known through the way Jesus drew close to God’s love, to “the Father’s heart.”

God is known when we accept Jesus’ invitation to see ourselves as children of God.

God is known by “grace upon grace,” the full reality Jesus taught us to receive and, by receiving this kind of no-excuses love, to offer it to others. This grace is more than forgiveness, it is acceptance. It is both comfort with just being who God created you to be, and it is offering this gift to share comfort with others.

John tells us that Jesus Christ “gave us the power to become children of God.” This was not a one time only offer, it is a power that continues to grow in all of us so that we too may live through the giving and receiving of grace among all children.

Prayer: Grace-filled God, who has been with us since the beginning and continues to fill us with the power of grace, we pray that today we may just be in your presence, filled with your love, and reassured of your grace. Amen.

Beth Waltemath

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    8:30 AM - Early Worship (begins 9/14)
    9:30 AM - Sunday School for all ages
    10:30 AM - Coffee & Friendship
    11 AM - Worship
    Nursery care all morning. Childcare during worship for children 1st grade and younger.

    611 Medlock Road
    Decatur, Georgia 30033
    (corner of N. Decatur Rd. & Scott Blvd.)
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