Worship this Sunday is at 8:45 and  11AM with Church School for All Ages at 9:45AM.


North Decatur Presbyterian Church is governed by “presbyters” or elders, lay people elected by the congregation and ordained to serve on our governing board.

This board is made up of 18 elders serving three-year terms, and two youth elders, each serving a one-year term. Through our councils and committees, elders provide leadership in all areas of our community and spiritual life together.

Children and Youth Education Manages a strong children’s program, which is strengthened through the curriculum used during church school, children’s involvement in worship, youth group opportunities, and family activities and education.

Virginia Pribbenow

[email protected]

Adult Education Organizes Christian education programs for adults.

Scott Pieper

[email protected]

Community Fellowship and Special Events Facilitates social gatherings, shared meals, and special community activities.

Lin Wormley

Claudia Brogan

[email protected]

[email protected]

Community Ministry Supports the church’s local and national mission initiatives and activities.

Erika Meyer

[email protected]

Congregational Care Offers special care to church members during life changes and major events.

Mark Cochran

Cile Vardeman

[email protected]

Engagement We work with members to invite, meet and greet our visitors.  We help NDPC’s newest members find their way. If you would like to be part of a team that is in the foreground of invitation and welcome, there is a place for you!

Nancy Meinersman

[email protected]

Finance Provides oversight of the church’s annual budget.

Jack Kittle

[email protected]

Communications Oversees the church’s internal and external communications, marketing, and website maintenance.

Susan White

[email protected]

Property Manages and maintains church property; inside and outside.

Brock Savage

[email protected]

Worship Oversees programs and activities for the church’s worship of God.

Lee Nichols

[email protected]

Commitment Creates opportunities for people to give money, time, and other resources to support the church’s ministry.

Anna Kershaw

[email protected]

Peace and Justice Engages in political advocacy, in conjunction with the church’s mission commitments, and facilitates congregational support for peacemaking.

Audra Grace

Anna Kershaw (co-chairs)

[email protected]

Global Mission Oversees the church’s support of international mission initiatives.

Ray Glier

[email protected]

Creation Care Engages in environmental stewardship and environmental justice activities. [email protected]

Oversees legal and institutional aspects of the church’s operations.

Supervises and supports our staff and pastors on behalf of the session and congregation.

Rusty Godwin (& Session liaison for Personnel)

[email protected]

Jill Jacques

[email protected]

Clerk Keeps Session meeting minutes and other formal records and works with the co-pastors to organize and run Session meetings.

Matt Eby

[email protected]

Youth Elders NDPC elects high school-age members to serve as full voting members of the Session for a 1-year term.

Anna Cook

Ben Markham

[email protected]/[email protected]

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