Summer Worship (Memorial Day – Labor Day) is at 10AM. Childcare provided for kids age 0-6.  Masks required indoors.

Children’s Sabbath

What do you have in common with absolutely every other person who ever has been or ever will be? Each of us has the shared experience of childhood.
Our experiences of childhood, however, are not the same. Your childhood probably had moments of wonder and curiosity, moments of fear and hurt. Who was there for you in those moments, to help you translate them and understand them? Who wasn’t?
This Sunday at NDPC, we will celebrate Children’s Sabbath- a day to be challenged to show up for children in our lives, and for children we’ll never meet. We will listen to the stories of children, from ancient times and far away, and also to the stories of children who are our neighbors right now. Rev. Dr. Erin Reed Cooper, preaching.

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