Summer Worship (Memorial Day – Labor Day) is at 10AM. Childcare provided for kids age 0-6.  Masks required indoors.

The First Sunday of Christmas

We are disappointed that the rapid spread of COVID in our community has again caused us to return to online worship. We will continue to monitory the public health information as we seek the best way forward as a church. We always prioritize your safety and will err on the side of caution.

I want to thank our whole community for rallying together for the shift back to online services. In particular, I want to thank our Christmas Eve choir who stayed longer on Christmas Eve to record today’s music. Thanks to Tim Merritt and Jason Schoeneberg for their help in producing our videos. And thanks especially to our preacher, the Rev. Emily Bagwell, who agreed to a simple “guest preaching” spot the Sunday after Christmas and ended up as the primary producer and editor of today’s online service.

Enjoy this time of worship together!

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